Rachel Znerold

"I often find myself mesmerized by my surroundings, wishing I could freeze-frame the rush of the here-and-now and share my sense of awe and wonderment of the earth. With a playful hand, my artwork becomes a frenetic meditation on one beautiful and miraculous moment, capturing that fleeting sideways glance, that blurred glimmer of emotion deep within the heart of the everyday. The universality of the organic shapes, colors and line invite the imagination to play with the infinite possibilities to be found within my paintings. The interconnectedness of the organic world, from the microscopic to the geological to the celestial, is a true testament to the majesty and mystery of the earth.

I welcome the viewer into the artwork. I invite them to create their own story for each piece by finding hidden gems and secret spaces that hold meaning for them. Interaction is the final layer on each piece of work, and creating a dynamic culture of art making, bridging the gap between art and life, is what drives me."

Giuseppe Palumbo