Karen Bozik

Artist Statement

The Turn: Ancestral Drawings inspired by a conceived thread connecting ancestral place, nomadic meanderings and dreams.

Artist Bio

Essentially, as a picture-maker, I am opening myself to narratives that draw from a flood of information, assembling compositions which connect visual correspondences in a symbolic or metaphorical way.   I am inspired by diverse images/objects anywhere from my own backyard to antique ephemera.  Religious iconography, ancient illustrations of intellectual evolution and traditional clothing.  Shoes.  Heirloom goats and mathematical graphics. Deep historical tragedy, migrations, taking refuge and the sacred. Tonalities and vegetable gardens.The preparation of food, etc...

The probability of all being interconnected. Genetic memory.

Formally, I prefer to work with simple materials such as wood, house paint, oils and gouache. This helps to express the pull of historical folk arts. My obsession with color is a reference to these varying styles with often employ powerful colors. It is also a desire to create a harmonious tension through color relationships, resulting in a perceivable visual energy.

Karen Bozik is an artist who currently resides in Velarde, New Mexico.


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