Jody Bill

Artist Bio

I lived in Boulder,Colorado for 10 years where I received my undergraduate degree in Art & Anthropology.. I studied Ethnoliterature, Ethnomusicology, Australian Aboriginal, Ceramics, and Painting, and was a member of the Visiting Artist Program. (In 1974 I had Encephalitis as an undergraduate, with brain damage to left side, causing loss of memory for reading, names of objects..etc. I used pictures and the names of them to relearn. Being an artist using more of the right side, I was able to adapt to the damage) After finishing my undergrad degree, and first year of my MFA, I went to Wesleyan University to complete my Masters, where I studied Painting and Printing. The courses that I also took were, the History and Myths of the American Indians and the Culture of India. I have had a number of one person shows as well as group shows in USA & Europe. I hope to meet other artists throught this & sell paintings. In my work, I relate to the primitive within the present day. I use multiple materials such as gauze & plaster. The work relates to our history, the present & how we incorporate the two to help find a peaceful balance on this planet & protect the less developed countries. I also paint copies of old religious masters & retablos. I used to live in Dallas & have a collection of Santos, Retablos & Pre-Columbian pieces. Tapies, Dubuffet & Eva Hesse are the artists I admire. They all have strong textural styles. I would eventually like to make some larger 3D work using more materials.


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