Laura Tyler

Artist Bio

Laura Tyler is an American artist who works in painting, sculpture and photography. She is also the producer and director of the documentary film, Sister Bee. Her works, inspired by the plant/animal relationships that give landscape its texture, have shown at private, non-profit and university galleries across the United States, and she travels nationally to speak about her art at conferences, colleges and film screenings. Raised in Maine, Laura earned a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston before settling in Boulder, Colorado where she lives and works today.

Artist Statement

Imagine you’re a three-year-old lying on the floor of your childhood home. You look up. The walls are raked with light. There’s a hallway made of planes that leads to another room. And the room beyond that has a different tone because of the way the sun is positioned in relationship to the house. You become aware of yourself as a sensing, physical being located in three dimensional space and you feel a sense of wonder.

Future Perfect is a series of still life photographs in which I aim to reconcile physical and digital realities by building imaginary spaces using sculpture and digital photography. Each piece begins as an abstract painting of a botanical subject. Then I make a three-dimensional object based on the painting using wax and wood and photograph it on seamless white background. My goal is to make evocative images with a grounded, tactile quality that are also idealized and potential-filled.

I view my sculptural subjects as stand-ins for the figure and have given them titles like Alderman, Novitiate, Patient, Visitor and Volunteer to suggest civic roles and helping relationships. Some of the figures stand alone while other are situated in groups. For me these are images about yearning and the thwarted desire to connect that can characterize online interactions.


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